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Adapting ChatGPT For The Classroom

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The Education Model of the Future

Conexia, an edtech part of the SEB Group, a global education group present in more than 30 countries, reached out to MJV to create an AI-powered virtual teaching assistant. The program had to be robust enough to answer their questions and help them with their search inquiries while still providing a safe environment for the students.

This learning tool would be catered to different age groups and would need to be able to gradually alter the content that it provided students based on year.


The Challenge

Adaptation of the ChatGPT tool for use in an educational environment, creating a virtual assistant integrated with the existing platform.

The Challenge

Combining Technology & Design Thinking

Ideal conduct guidelines for the virtual assistant were defined based on conversations with stakeholders. With the customization points defined, the technology and innovation team started the project.

Our Solution

Implementing a profitable strategy in a different market

A High-Fidelity O2O Prototype

Our Solution

Case Study

Solution design through four user journeys

MJV provided Pro-Natura with an app experience blueprint, containing the app’s value proposition, as well as feature prioritization for a minimum viable product.

We also provided our client with a complex document detailing the process, steps, and suggestions for prototyping and implementation of the MVP to be tested in the field before being adopted by local harvesting communities.

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The Outcomes

In order to deliver on all aspects of the project, the final product was designed around four user journeys: the activities chat menu, parental control, understanding the question, and delivering activities.

Final Thoughts: 

Delivering with speed and precision

The MJV team delivered in record time and even surprised the customer with consolidated functionalities. After the project was completed, our team brought the solution to one of the largest education fairs in Latin America, where it was presented to other educators in the field for four days.

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Industry: Education    |    Client: Conexia

The Outcomes:

The Outcomes

Understanding the Project

Journey mapping

Prompt Engineering



Visual Regression & Functional Tests

Exploratory Tests

Validation at the Education Fair

The methodological approach for this project was as follows:

Activities Chat Menu

The company's mascot became the educational assistant within the tool. Its goal is to help students with their doubts and difficulties in various school subjects. The assistant was customized to meet the needs of elementary and high school students, adapting its language for different age groups.

Parental Control

Parental control was also taken into account to monitor student use of the tool so that teachers and guardians could ensure their safety. We provided access to a history of questions and answers. This journey was created only within a navigable prototype in Figma, and its further development is a future opportunity for the project.

Understanding the Question

Within the tool's flow, there is a practical activity related to the discipline and chapter in which the student is studying. After answering a question, the "Question Solution" button is enabled, providing the student with the correct answer. If there are still questions, the student can click the "I want an answer" button to receive further explanation. In this journey, the student can resort to the AI assistant for each question.

Delivering Activities

As soon as the student completes the questionnaire, a message is displayed providing their grade for the activity. A functionality that summarizes the topics presented in the tool was also implemented, so the student can review the content to further help in their studies. On this journey, the student can use the AI assistant at the end of the questionnaire.

Time to project delivery:  

Just 4 weeks

Real-life example of the tool in action

(in Portuguese)