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Introducing innovation in internal communication with MJV 365 Factory Standard

Customized SharePoint intranet is now a reality that surpasses all expectations. With customized webparts and seamless integration of your company's colors, MJV 365 Factory Standard transforms your workspace into a truly unique environment, reflecting your brand's identity.

But we don't stop there! We offer tailored configuration to meet the specifics of your environment and comprehensive training in the tools, ensuring that you and your team are fully prepared to make the most of this powerful solution.

We take collaboration and productivity to a whole new level. Try it now and discover how technology can revolutionize the way you work

Why MJV?

Multidisciplinary teamsfrom service designers and anthropologists to data scientists and software engineers.

We use a combination of methodologies in the construction of our solutions, such as: Design Thinking, Agile, Gamification and Lean, among others.

Our team includes SharePoint specialists with extensive experience in the Brazilian market.

Flexibility in the development of services, which can be remote or in person.

In Sharepoint solutions, we apply an approach centered on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) 

We provide technical support, guarantee the quality of deliverables and monitor customer satisfaction.

We deliver solutions from start to finish, from strategy to implementation, and we can work on any type of project, throughout its different stages. 

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Our services

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Streamline processes, organize your documents and strengthen your team


Electronic Document Management is a technology developed for the business environment to add practicality, promoting the control, elaboration, storage, and sharing of company files.

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Social features in SharePoint applications and solutions can help people connect, communicate and collaborate with each other in order to find, track, and share important content and information. 

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/ Social Network

/ Business Intelligence

The main objective of Business intelligence is to have an easy interpretation of large volumes of data. Through this process it is possible to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time, thus guaranteeing better results. 

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/ Knowledge Management 

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/ Migration 

Migrating from previous SharePoint solutions to newer versions of the platform or the cloud helps to update your resources, increase productivity and reduce the costs of a company's digital workplace.

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Share your challenges with us, and our team will be in touch soon! 

/ Intranet and Portals

SharePoint was and remains a popular platform for creating corporate urls also known as intranets. In large organizations there may be several of them; for example, a company portal and an HR portal.

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/ On-demand

On-Demand projects bring more intelligence to the communication platform and increase the potential for savings and efficiency within your company. MJV develops custom add-ons to enhance the existing SharePoint solution. 

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/ Process Automation 

Connect with data, wherever it is, to create automated workflows that enable collaboration and productivity in your company, eliminating red tape. Easily create task automations and control approvals with the entire team.

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Sharepoint enables companies to take advantage of corporate knowledge and make it grow, in addition to improving employee productivity and business results.


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