“We cannot move forward without embracing digital transformation and understanding business as part of an ecosystem that encompasses social, environmental and governance responsibilities .”



MJV supports companies on their journey to conscious innovation and sustainable transformation.

of consumers expect companies to take an active stance on social, environmental, and political issues

According to a survey by "Social Sprout"

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At MJV, the synergy between strategy, design, technology and culture allows value creation focused on sustainable transformation.

Case Studies

Value Chain Immersion Mission

Women In Leadership

Global Sustainability Platform

Circular Economy using:

Design Thinking + Future Thinking 

MJV was hired by one of its clients to prepare and lead an immersion mission for its top executives in Hong Kong. The aim of this project was to find ways to increase the recyclability of plastic bottles. 

Impact: Insertion in the value chain was immediately prototyped in the Hong Kong market and it served to inspire global work the company is doing with informal recycling networks.

Designing for DEI using:

Design Thinking + Facilitation

MJV was invited to support a client in defining the strategy and action plan for its Women in Leadership Council, an initiative that seeks to bring gender equity to the company’s leadership. 

Impact: The project promoted alignment with the board’s future vision, which includes the goal of having 50% female leaders at the company. Three main opportunities and five objectives were identified. The initiatives to be implemented in the next two years are designed to change the organization’s behavior, culture and policies in order to promote gender equity. 

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Designing for


Climate crisis is not just a science problem. It is a Human problem. Now more than ever we need to consider human beings as an integral part of the ecosystem. Circular economy helps designing and innovating solutions for collaborations, carbon neutrality, learning from nature and eliminating waste. 

MJV’s Perspective:
MJV provides methods for adapting products and business to the parameters of circular economy through the lens of regenerative design and systems thinking process. Our services are based on the types of industry and value chain.

Designing for

#monitoramento #internetdascoisas #blockchain

The constant monitoring and visualization of sustainability data are crucial for companies to be able to design and operate their future in a transparent and responsible manner.

MJV’s Perspective:
MJV provides data analytics solutions to identify, manage and mitigate risk related to sustainability development, transparency and traceability  by understanding the needs of different companies. 

Designing for  


With growing alertness and demand for climate action amongst consumers, adopting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures is now more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to thrive in the present and also future proof itself.

MJV’s Perspective: 
MJV provides Methods and metrics used for defining environmental, social and governance factors to evaluate companies on their sustainability advancements. Our services include:

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“We cannot move forward without embracing digital transformation and understanding business as part of an ecosystem that encompasses social, environmental and governance responsibilities .”

Mauricio J. Vianna 

Designing for DEI using:

Design Thinking + Facilitation

MJV was tasked with analyzing all of a client’s sustainability initiatives and organizing them in a user-friendly, accessible and engaging way for all employees.

Impact: This project led the community to become more engaged in sharing projects and lessons learned about sustainability globally, helping associates move toward a more connected and inspired culture. The platform witnessed 60 global initiatives resulting in more than 750 community interactions.

Global Challenges

Transforming and adapting to a sustainable and regenerative mindset comes with complexity and challenges at a global scale. 





Diversity, inclusion, equity, employee health and wellbeing, behavior change and extended growth and education are crucial factors to address while considering the social aspect of ESG.

Designing and managing a transparent and efficient supply chain system aligned with sustainability principles is complex for companies operating on a global scale.

Developing a circular mindset within the organization and the product development cycle is crucial for climate solutions. 

Designing for resilience, adaptability and reducing vulnerability to climate change on a global scale requires foresight and expertise to address the complexity. 

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MJV Technology & Innovation

For over 25 years, MJV Technology & Innovation has helped influence innovation and solve business challenges with some of the world's largest companies. With offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, the United States, and Europe, the consultancy has a team composed of qualified and multidisciplinary professionals.

We believe in collaborative work and apply Design Thinking and Agile Methodology as a guide for all the projects we develop.

MJV is composed of five pillars, structured in complete synergy:

The development and implementation of accessible solutions based on a structure of business and technology, all mixed together with an agile, collaborative approach.

We are a global, multicultural, and flexible team that seeks innovation and continuous learning. We integrate our expertise to promote improvements towards an innovative, agile, and people-focused culture.

We develop and implement corporate strategies to reduce costs and increase revenues while looking for new business models, focusing on the best possible user experience.

We use technology as an ally in validating and constantly experimenting with new ideas, in addition to humanizing and generating positive experiences for both the users and ourselves.

We promote responsible, environmental, social, and economic solutions. Sustainable ones that take into consideration and respect all ecosystem aspects.

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Designing for

#monitoramento #internetdascoisas #blockchain

In the contemporary world, social events are correlated in a complex and dynamic way. In parallel, we increasingly understand our responsibility in building the world we want. As new criteria and guidelines emerge, the focus is for constructing  expertise to address the complexity of this new era and responding to problems people in social-economic vulnerability situations face on a daily basis.

MJV’s Perspective:
MJV provides strategies for Social Innovation to bonds employees and establish compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence in the workplace. The purpose is to bring economic growth to the company by doing good to the community.

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